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LON-CAPA Hosting for Higher Education

LON-CAPA hosting for Higher Education includes

  • branding (logos/colors)
  • custom web address
  • access to the LON-CAPA shared content repository
  • domain administration (course and authoring setup)
  • faculty technical support.

Domain initiation one-time fee is $100, for as long as the domain is actively used.

1-10 Courses: Per-Course Fees

The hosting fee per semester is based on the enrollment for each course, and is shown below.

Number of Students in Course Course Cost per Semester
1-100 $140
101-200 $240
201-300 $330
301-400 $420
over 400 $420 plus $30 per course/semester for each additional 100 students

More than 10 Courses: Flat Fees

We also offer affordable flat fee services for institutions using LON-CAPA for more than 10 courses. Please contact us to negotiate pricing.

Existing eduCog customers, please contact us for a quotation at educog@educog.com.

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