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LON-CAPA Hosting for K-12


(see http://lon-capa.org/):
  • Provides an online learning experience for your students
  • Makes sharing of resources among teachers simple
  • Personalized exercises and problems for students
  • Instant feedback to students and instructors
  • Reduces grading load
  • Allows more time for other course related activities
  • Provides for communication and discussion among student and between students and teachers.

What eduCog does

  • Establishes a LON-CAPA web domain for the school which allows collaboration within the school and with teachers at other schools
  • Creates course templates for teachers
  • Provides authoring space for teachers
  • Makes daily back-up of all activity
  • Provides hosting of software
  • Updates software and operating system
  • Provides tech support for teachers
  • Provides teachers with access to the LON-CAPA shared content repository

What it Costs

There is a one-time domain-creation fee of $100 for schools not currently served, which includes

  • branding (logos/colors)
  • custom web address
  • a test class for training and for preparation of other classes in the domain.

The fee schedule for the 2023/2024 academic year hosting is shown below.

Single school -- number of courses per year Cost (US dollars)
1 $80
2 $160
3 $240
4 $320
5 or more $400

Signing Up

Instructors in existing domains hosted by eduCog will log-in to their LON-CAPA domain, and use the "Request Course" link in the gray Functions bar on their roles page to create a course, and request an invoice

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